Connection between Violence against the Earth and Violence against Women


In this 50 minute talk, the celebrated writer, activist and performer Lee Maracle takes a grounded look at the correlation between violence against the earth and violence against women and our own responsibilities as citizens of our own Nations. Highly recommended viewing.

Lee Maracle is a writer, activist and performer from the Stó:l? nation located in the area now known as British Columbia. She is currently the Aboriginal Writer-in-Residence for First Nations House, and an instructor in the Aboriginal Studies Department at the University of Toronto. Lee is one of the founders of the En’owkin International School of Writing in Penticton, BC, and Cultural Director of the Centre for Indigenous Theatre in Toronto. She mentors young people on personal and cultural healing and reclamation. (from CBC 8th Fire)

For more info about Lee Maracle and her books:

Also, an open appeal from Lee Maracle to save the Aboriginal Arts and Mentorship Program:

This lecture is part of First Voices! First Women Speak! teach-in and community gathering hosted by KAIROS Canada and IPSMO.


The Rape Unheard